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Reflex Courier is a Digital Courier platform that meets the end-to-end needs of your business.

If you are a carrier, freight broker, messenger, courier or dispatching service, Reflex Courier empowers you with optimal process management and predictive analysis replacing the hectic process steps to a simple and self learning application.

Improves delivery schedules

Reduce Costs

Boosts Revenue

What Makes Reflex
Courier Unique

AI driven route optimization map

Efficient truck-loading algorithm

Most accurate ETA prediction thru data analysis

Improved first attempt delivery rate

Key Benefits of
Reflex Courier

Increase business productivity

Manage Courier requirements with more efficiency...

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Improve end-to-end visibility and service

Lower spend on expedites and overhead with electronic tracking...

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Improve cash-flow for freight transportation

Reduce unplanned overcharges and eliminate invoice...

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Standardize courier process & operations

Deliver a consistent Courier experience. Centralize rate and data...

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Accelerate decision making with real time insight

Deliver flexible reporting to assess all freight costs...

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Multilingual language support

Multi language option for customers.Option to use additional...

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Reflex Courier

Pickup Process

  • Customer Request

    Customer places a package pickup request on web/ mobile

  • System Assigns

    System assigns resource to pickup package

  • Pickup Collection

    Package is collected from customer location

  • Create New Shipment

    New shipment is created for delivery

Shipment Schedule

  • Source Schedule

    Shipment schedule is prepared

  • Routing Assignment

    Routing schedule is optimized

  • Manifest

    Shipping manifest is prepared

  • Received at Destination

    The shipment is received at the branch

Last Mile Delivery

  • Received at Warehouse

    Package is received at warehouse

  • Assigns Delivery Agent

    Delivery agent is assigned for the package

  • Routing to Destination

    Destination routing is assigned

  • Shipment Delivered

    Shipment is delivered and acknowledgement received on web/mobile

Module Wise


Last Mile Delivery

For ecommerce customers and delivery agents who handle end customer deliveries

starts from



For courier companies who have their own route and schedule systems

starts from


Pick Up & Shipping

For courier companies who have their own account customers and pick up scheduling systems

starts from


Pick Up, Shipping Last Mile Delivery

For ecommerce customers and delivery agents who handle end customer deliveries

starts from

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